Fire Prevention

Remember to practice fire safety not only during fire safety week, practice fire safety all year round.

     Did you know, that almost two thirds of residential fire deaths are results of missing or non-operating smoke detectors. When choosing a smoke detector you should look brands that have a label from a recognized testing lab. If you choose a battery operated detector,this type can be installed by anyone. If you choose a detector that operates on house power, this should be installed by a qualified electrition.

      Make sure to test all smoke detectors at least once a month. Also remember to change the batteries. a helpful reminder is to change those batteries when you change the time on your clock(spring forward or fall back). Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on maintaining your detector.

Always practice home fire drills!

Remember to:

Have a meeting place for your family outside your house where it is safe.

Stay low and go to your meeting place.

Once you are out, STAY OUT!
In case of emergency dial 911
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